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Tournament Gaming World
Tournament Gaming World is looking to expand the services it provides in the coming weeks. We are excited to share this information with you.

In the coming weeks TGW will be rolling out:

TGW Tournament Portal
The primary service I wanted to offer when I started this club was a useful tournament registration portal for League of Legends players. Although several portals currently exist, (battlefly.com, challengermode.com, toornament.com, and Riot’s own community event finder), each of these tools only shows you tournaments which have been posted by the event organizer to that specific website. What I want to offer is a singular place that League of Legends players can come to find tournaments without having to comb through each website individually.

TGW Hosted Tournaments
Something I’d love to be able to provide for our members are in-and-out-of-house League of Legends tournaments. TGW will be hosting its first tournament this Wednesday 12/12/2019 at 830PM EST

RIOT Prize Support
I’ve reached out to RIOT support and attaining prize support for tournaments is something we can totally expect in the near future! This means RP, Emotes, and Skins will all be available to winning teams of TGW tournaments.

New Logo
We are not happy with the Logo as it is right now and want to work towards something a little more this century.  Currently the TGW Globe looks like the icon on the back of my varsity jersey. Baby steps.

New Merch
With new branding  comes new merch! When the new logo rolls out you can expect to see new merch available as well. As always you can view club merch at shop.spreadshirt.com/tournamentgamingworld!

Social Media
As the clubs image develops so will its social media presence. New content will be gradually unveiled across the club Twitch, Discord, and other accounts over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned, and Happy Holidays!


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